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Engineered Marketing ...
this is marketing driven by metrics and tailored to each individual visitor on your web site.
Technology ... the technology to make this kind of market personalization possible has been around a long time.  Sites like Yahoo and Amazon have used it for years.  It's what allows them to say, "Hi Joe" and deliver the content in which you are most interested.  But it has never been used in this manner to deliver a truly personalized message in real-time based on actual market research.

Copywriting ... this is an art as old as sales itself.  Any copywriter knows that there are bullets, features and benefits that will most appeal to you, the individual.  You likely don't use your computer for exactly the same things as your friend, so it was different benefits that attracted each of you.  Unfortunately until the internet the ability to be so specific with a message simply didn't exist with newspapers, television and other medias.

Market Research ... this is something that used to only be done by large corporations because small businesses couldn't afford to embark on a six-month to a year long project of paying people to collect quantitatively and qualitatively data and still not see any return on investment until sometime later.  But the technology exist on the internet to cut that research down to a few weeks and see a return on investment almost immediately. 

This research is the core driver of engineered marketing.  Combined with a proper metric driven process allows us to hit the ball every time at bat.  And more often than not hit a home run for your business like you may never have imagined.

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